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The world of professional services is changing and changing fast! Now is not a time to react to change, now it the time to lead it.

For solicitors and financial advisors factors such as COVID-19 have played their part in this change, but so too have changing demands from clients and the regulators. Nowadays clients are more likely to ask their accountants for advice than from their solicitor or financial advisor, and for firms specialising in private client work, clients are a lot more price sensitive and now negotiate harder on fees.

At Green Robin Solutions, we are aware of these challenges but believe that with the right support financial advisors and law firms can become true client partners, able to deliver value to the client at every touch point whilst helping their clients to navigate complex financial or legal matters with ease.

We are an operational excellence and risk management consultancy practice, helping our clients to navigate this rapidly changing world whilst ensuring the right plans, policies and procedures are in place to protect the business whilst it continues to grow.

Our expertise includes:

  • Stress testing business processes to ensure that they are resilient to period such as ‘periods of rapid business growth’ or ‘market shocks’
  • Analysing the client journey to identify and implement process improvement solutions, helping firms to manage their pipeline of work and WIP more effectively thus reducing costs, improving profit realisation and improving the client experience
  • Assisting law firms in achieving Lexcel accreditation, through clearly defining relevant plans, policies and procedures required under Lexcel 6.1 and 5.1
  • Delivering outsourced project management services for practice mergers, migrations or sale– helping to ensure 100% benefit realisation
  • Helping firms to achieve Lexcel and/or ISO certification

At Green Robin Solutions, we offer a no obligation 30-minute consultation to explore how we can assist your practice.  Why not give us a call today to see how we can help.

Green Robin Solutions Business Optimisation UK


We partner with our clients to optimise how service is delivered and operations performed. We aim to reduce costs and inefficiencies, improve customer engagement and increase business resilience.



We help firms to achieve Operational Excellence (OPEX) and Lexcel accreditation. 


Risk Management

Helping firms to ensure that they have the right plans in place should the unthinkable happen.



Helping firms big and small to lay the foundations for growth, to weather uncertain times and to deliver what clients really value.


Business Transformation

Helping firms big and small to meet challenges head-on and to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.



We work with law firms to optimise how tasks are performed, with the aim of improving customer engagement and reduce inefficiencies.


We help law firms to achieve Lexcel accreditation.


Risk Management

Helping law firms to ensure that they have the right plan in place should something unthinkable happen



Helping law firms to establish strategic plans to meet the needs of their clients today and to take advantage of opportunities for growth as they arise.


Business Transformation

Helping law firms to adapt to a changing world and to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.




“Working with Rob from Green Robin Solutions been amazing for helping me to get my business back on track. Rob’s guidance has helped me to examine and to understand the steps in each independent process flow and how they complement each other. This in turn has helped me to identify crucial activities which weren’t being carried out as effectively as they ought to have been – such as sales. The work we have started to do has helped me to solidify my business, by being able to take a step back and work on it holistically.

Merewyn S., Sayers Solutions - HD8 Network

“The South East London Chamber of Commerce is proud to have Green Robin Solutions as a member. Rob’s analytical mind has been very helpful to us as a business in formulating our current strategy. We are now working with him on a training programme designed to help other Chamber members.”

Helen M., South East London Chamber of Commerce

“I’m very happy to have worked with Rob from Green Robin Solutions. I would highly recommend Rob to any person or business looking for getting their systems and processes in order. Working with Rob has given me room for me to really grow my practice and enhance my company’s image with improved practices and systems.”

Bayo I., Bigoh Coaching

“Bouncing ideas around and checking out what works for your business has been a real boost for me. Sometimes you are too close to your own business and can’t be objective. Working with Green Robin Solution helped me to get the level of objectivity which I needed.”

Neela P., Homeopath

“Working with Green Robin Solutions showed me the benefits of being organised, which created more capacity to achieve long term goals for my company.”

Pete A., We Are Stride

“Before Rob from Green Robin Solutions came along, we had a real problem with getting work over the line. His process-based approach helped us to work more effectively and to grow our business.”

M.S., Digital Agency

“Before engaging with Green Robin Solutions we were effectively and successfully delivering training skills to our service uses. However, a lot of responsibility was placed on our CEO in particular about the strategic growth of the organisation as well as managing risks. Without a clear risk management strategy to underpin growth there was a risk that the organisation would not be able to successfully pitch for funding or to be able to react to certain risks if they crystallised. Green Robin Solutions helped us to get a clear view on our risks and to create an effective strategy for managing them going forward.”

Paulette W., Academy Achievers

“At Gewardz we help businesses to reward their clients for their loyalty. Having heard Robin present at a virtual event, we realised we needed a safe pair of hands to review and recommend how we could improve on our own customer service. Rob’s work was thorough and certainly as we implement his recommendations we know that our business will be better placed to grow. We would have no hesitation in recommending Rob”

Iain C., Gewardz

“COVID-19 has created a lot of uncertainty in our industry. Working with Green Robin Solutions has provided us with a clear Strategy for the year ahead.”

Anon, Financial Broker

“Thank you! Working with Green Robin Solutions help me to close a risk I’d had in my business. They worked quickly and efficiency to ensure that not only did our business have a tailored Data Privacy Policy which was GDPR compliant but also that we had process documentation and controls in place.”

Rich T., Wellbeing Specialist


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