On the 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. This regulation realigned how businesses handle personal data with the modern digital age.

This short guide provides 10 handy tips to ensure ongoing GDPR compliance, a more in-dept pdf is available for download.

  1. Have good data governance within the business, make sure the data is up-to-date and used for the purpose it is intended to be used for
  2. Ensure data security by keeping client data secure and not open to abuse
  3. Remember clean data is good data! Similar to point 1, data which is clean and up-to-date will help protect client privacy
  4. Having a (fair) processing notice policy which tell clients what data will be collected, why and what it will be used for is vital
  5. From time-to-time, individuals may request personal data to be retrieved. Such requests should be acknowledged and process the request in a timely manner
  6. Some clients may request that their personal data is erased. Dealing with erasures requests by acknowledging, identifying which data is to be deleted in a timely manner is important
  7. Processing an erasure request in an orderly way with appropriate checks to ensure the right data has been deleted is vital
  8. Under GDPR ‘opt-in’ to receive information, rather than being automatically added and needing to request deletion i.e. ‘opting-out’
  9. For individuals who may feel their data is being misused, these concerns should be raised with that organisation as an initial first step
  10. The view of the ICO is that data breeches should not occur, but if they do then it is best to be honest about it and to report them in a timely manner

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