At Green Robin Solutions, we know that business owners such as you spend a lot of time and effort building your business. Unfortunately, sometimes all it can take is one incident can destroy all that hard work.

So, you can focus on doing what you love. We’ve created a straightforward and easy to use approach to business resilience planning. Our approach is tailored to the needs of your business and is fully scalable. This means that as your business grows so too can your business resilience and business continuity plan!

Unfortunately, we can’t stop bad things from happening. But by having a clear and well understood plan, we may be able to prevent a full-blown crisis from undermining your business and damaging your reputation.

Business Resilience Planning

Getting back to basics, creating a plan to manage risks

Working with you (and your team) we undertake a business impact assessment (BIA). This enables us to understand the needs particular to your business and where risks could exist. Our BIA covers a wide array of risks from IT failure to the loss of a key client or regulatory breach.

We don’t have a cookie cutter approach to business resilience and creating a business continuity plan (BCP). We work with you (and your team) to draft a bespoke  business continuity plan (BCP) which meets the needs of your business today and tomorrow should an incident occur. This plan is then presented for you to review and to provide approval the final version.

The key to successful adoption of a robust and scaleable BCP is how it is adopted into the culture of the business. We take time to brief and train the relevant teams and stakeholders in their part of the overall plan. This is a critical stage to ensure that a risk culture is adopted within the business and that the plan does not become another shelf ornament.

Because it takes time for a risk culture to become embedded, our service doesn’t end when the final stakeholder is trained on the plan. We set agreed review cycles which meet the needs of your business to ensure that the plan is constantly reviewed and updated. Our aim is to ensure that your business is as prepared as possible should an incident occur.

Case Study


Business Coach Bayo Igoh runs Bigoh Coaching and specialises in executive growth and helping business owners achieve their full potential.

Since establishing the business four years ago, Bayo has worked as a sole coach, while managing all elements of the business.

The Problem:

In order to take the business to the next level, Bayo need to grow the company. As he had been managing all areas himself, most of the information was in his head – resulting in high stress level and making him less productive. He also felt he need to protect himself and the business should anything happen that prevented him from working.

Our Solution:

This was two-fold. We extracted information from Bayo about how he organised his day and activities so he could employ a Virtual Assistant. This gave him the time he needed to foes on the other more ‘ income producing’ activities.

We then established a series of works hip to create a standardised view of his business processes, w while also creating improved processes in alignment with the VA. This reduced migration time briefing the VA while creating a sold understanding from them both on how things are done and why.

Additionally, we created a scalable business resilience /continuity  plan for the business to protect against issues such as a client data leaks or poo client feedback which Bayo could respond to, managing the situation and grow the business while protecting his reputation and that of Bigoh Coaching.


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