Working in partnership with professional service firms, including business coaches and accountants, we offer our services on an ‘outsourced’ or ‘white label’ basis. Our offering has been developed to help you to enhance your service portfolio without the need to refer business and client relationships to third parties, hire additional headcount or pay expensive retainer fees.

Our process investigation and improvement services enable you to further understand your clients’ business, and can effectively and efficiently identify:

  • process inefficiencies, adding colour and depth to management accounts or understanding as to why their goals are not being met;
  • underutilised equipment and headcount which could be streamlined, freeing up cash for the business; and
  • opportunities to grow the business by exploring under-developed products or services.

As well as helping to grow businesses, process documentation can help facilitate an exit, assisting buyers in understanding the business processes through which value is created. If your clients are looking to acquire another business, our process investigation service provides additional information as part of the due diligence process and after completion can assist with integration.

We do not operate via a referral model; we interact with you enabling you to retain oversight and control of your client relationship, and for your client it enhances and compliments the services they can receive from you.

Why not contact us today to see how our service can help you to deliver more to your clients without losing sight of the client relationship.

Green Robin Solutions Outsourced and white label services

Use Study


A business advisor had been working with their client to ready their business for sale ahead of retiring. As the client had spent many years working hard to build the business it was felt that there was potentially a considerable amount of Intellectual Property (IP) within the business. Therefore, rather than winding the business up, the client was keen to sell the business to extract money to fund their retirement.

The Problem

As the business had grown organically over the years a lot of information about processes and how value was created was held in numerous places including the client’s memory! This meant that it was difficult to properly identify which knowledge and IP could be attributed to the business rather than the client and via versa, making it difficult to properly value the business and to position it for sale.

Our Solution

Working with business advisor, we were quickly and efficiently able to document the end-to-end customer journey and the supporting processes for the end client, extracting key pieces of information which would be of interest to a potential buyer.

The output of our work when coupled with ongoing work of the business advisor and the client created a valuable picture of the business. This enabled them to determine the appropriate price at which to market the business for sale and subsequently this price was achieved.


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