At Green Robin Solutions, we help take the pain out of risk management, helping law firms to establish a robust risk awareness culture as well as delivering effective tools for managing risks.

Adhering to regulations

We work with you to ensure that the right processes, checks and balances are in place to enable you to tick the ‘regulatory compliant’ tick box.

Our solution is scalable and ensures that those within your business are aware of how their work interacts with the relevant regulations and what they need to do to ensure compliance with the relevant regulation and the steps to be taken in the event of a suspected breach.

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Case Study


Employee Health (formerly Futur3You) helps businesses to invest in their employee’s wellbeing, offering a tailored range of health and exercise services. The aim of their work is to help businesses to invest in their staff’s wellbeing to ensure happy, healthy staff which in turn increases productivity and reduces absenteeism.

The Problem:

At the outset of setting up the company Richard the Founder was very clear that he wanted the business to do the right thing by its clients. A core part of this was ensuring client data would be handled with the care and attention required.

Our Solution:

We worked closely with Richard and their 3rd party service suppliers to create a process and policy to ensure that any client data was sorted safely and securely when not in use and that only data which was absolutely necessary was kept with regular checks and balances to ensure on going adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


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