We help law firms big and small get back to basics and to lay new foundations for growth by defining and rolling out a strategy which everyone can follow.

Our straightforward and easy to use practical solutions developing a robust strategy include:

  • getting back to basics
  • establishing the foundations for growth

Getting back to basics

COVID-19 has affected a huge number of businesses and how they operate. Some businesses have had to rapidly adapt they services to meet the changing needs of their clients, while others have had to very quickly launch new products/services. This means that a lot of businesses look very different to how they did just a few months ago and are now struggling with inefficient and disjointed processes.

In order to help you to overcome these issues we first go back to basics. Re-evaluating who your customers are now, how their needs have changed, what your competitors are offering, and what your business looks like in the future.

Every business makes a promise to its customers be it based cost, speed or quality. At Green Robin Solutions we call this the ‘Promise of Value’.

Once we have established how existing customers feel about the business and how effective the ‘customer journey’ is, we can then create positive steps to improve the customer experience and helping you to keep your ‘Promise of Value’ as the business grows.

Sales are not the only metric. Our approach involves making sure customers are valued and engaged in the business.

Doing business should be a positive and straightforward experience; happy customers will want to share their experiences with colleagues, contacts, friends and family.

In a rapidly changing world, making a promise and being able to keep it is vital.  Improved processes will help you keep your promises to customers. We are well placed to help you put the right checks and balances in place, ensuring  you can deliver on your promises.

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Business Growth

Laying the foundations for business growth

Is there a disparity between what your business offers and what customers value and are willing to pay for?

Understanding the features the customer doesn’t value or those they would be willing to pay a premium for will help determine if there is a disparity and how identify wants to ensure that the ‘Promise of Value’ is met.

Reducing waste isn’t just about the rubbish we create, it is also about reducing inefficiency, wasted time and effort.  Improving your processes will ensure you are using the resources you need and removing the need to do work again – which isn’t good for your bottom-line. Instead it contributes to creating a sustainable future, which is good for both your business and the environment.

Through making processes more efficient and standardised, we help establish the procedures and controls which ensure consistency, quality and sustainability are present in every customer interaction.

As a business grows it becomes impossible for one person to do everything. For some business owners handing over the reins can be difficult. However, by establishing ‘real-time’ tools we can help you to track performance and provide you with the strategic overview you need to grow your business. This allows you to lead your team rather than managing your team.


Sometimes in business a problem arises for which there isn’t a straightforward or simple solution. These situations require analysis, planning and execution.

At Green Robin Solutions, we have taken the very best bits from established project and change delivery methodologies to create a straightforward, easy to execute and informative project delivery solution. Our solution is fully scaleable and highly customisable to meet the needs of your problem and business needs.

Green Robin Solutions Business Optimisation UK

Case Study


The London Kitchen Company produces high-end bespoke kitchens for homes in areas such as Chelsea and Belgravia in London.

Prior to COVID-19 we worked with the company to create a standardised view of their business (from customer acquisition through to post installation checks). This enabled everyone in the team to better understand their roles and how they contributed to the overall success of the company.

The Problem:

Their business model had heavily relied on ‘face-to-face’ interactions with their clients. Creating the perfect kitchen involved speaking time at the customer’s home to analyse both the space and understanding their needs so they could create the precise kitchen and enhancement to their lifestyle.

COVID-19 and the lockdown meant this approach was no longer possible. Because of the nature of their clients, the owner was keen to move their business processes online while protecting the customer experience.

Our solution:

We extensively analysis the ‘face-t0-face’ customer journey to understand how we could help them transition the business online whilst ensuring the customer service levels remained high.

We then conducted research on both the company’s and client’s needs to ensure we could deliver an online solution that wouldn’t compromise customer service.

We worked ‘hand-in-hand’ with the company to identify the best systems for their business, rather than the client simply buying an ‘off-the-shelf’ IT solution which would then need changing to fit their needs. This resulted in our client being able to choose an IT solution which really met their needs and enabled them to keep their ‘promise of value’ to all of their clients.


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